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Aesthetic Injectables

Wrinkle Reducer - Botox® | Jeuveau®

Wrinkles relaxer, no down time needed, results in 3 -5 days and lasts for 2-5 months.

$11/unit (1-20units) 

$10/unit (>20 units)

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Lip Flip - Botox® | Jeuveau® 

Using Neuromodulator (Botox®/Jeuveau®). No down time needed, result in 3-5 days and lasts for 2-3 months.



Dermal Filler -Restylane®| Juvéderm®

Get the perfect look with our Dermal Fillers Treatment. We provide a wide range of benefits, including smoothing fine lines & deep facial wrinkles; filling in gaps between existing cheekbones, temples for a more youthful-looking appearance; enhancing the appearance of thinning lips; and improving your chin shape. 

From $420/ treatment