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Contains B1 100 mg, B2 2 mg, B3 100 mg, B5 2 mg, B6 2 mg in one shot.


Vitamin B complex is essential for a wide variety of functions in the human body, its deficiency can also lead to several disorders including chronic neurological ones. Biochemically, different structures are grouped together under B complex on the basis of their natural occurrence in same type of food and solubility in water. Since humans are not able to synthesize vitamins in B complex on their own and these vitamins are easily excreted from the body through urine, their regular intake is essential to maintain energy production, DNA/RNA synthesis/repair, genomic and non-genomic methylation as well as synthesis of numerous neurochemicals and signalling molecules. B complex deficiency is normally caused due to four possible reasons: high consumption of processed and refined food, with lack of dairy and meat-based food in diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, impaired absorption from the gastrointestinal tract or impaired storage and use by liver.



Once or twice a week.  



Helps keep skin and blood cells healthy

Helps convert nutrients into energy

Reduces stress and chronic fatigue

Help prevent infections

Promotes cell health,  growth of red blood cells.

B Complex

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